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Don't waste time on lead generation An Extension Of Your Sales Team Scale Your Business Without The Extra Cost Seamless Communication

Don’t Waste Your Time On Lead Gen

Outsource lead gen to a dedicated team of sales pros while you focus on closing deals. Whether you’re validating your product, entering a new market, or don’t have the bandwidth to fill your sales pipeline — we got you. Use our battle-tested experience and let us help you close more business.

,,At times of total noise in the digital space, it is so rare to find an expert who knows his stuff, confidently shares his professional opinion, delivers on the promise, and becomes a real trusted partner.”
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An Extension Of Your Sales Team

Are you looking to grow your outbound marketing without having to hire and train new staff? Let us help! We can handle the new business acquisition so your team can focus on cross-selling to current customers. Together, we can create a personalized strategy that has helped some of our clients generate up to 30 leads per month.

,,Working with Milos and his amazing team completely transformed my outbound system and the way I'm generating leads for my business. Their strategy is simple, yet so effective. In a short period of time, we booked 12 highly qualified calls with amazing prospects."
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Scale Your Business Without The Extra Cost

We know how difficult outreach can get. So having someone with 5 years of proven experience can be a game changer. By optimizing campaigns on the go, your business gets new insights that help you build a mean sales cycle. You are getting a trusted ally, working tirelessly so you can scale your operations beyond the norm.

,,Milos and his team at Lead Genetic have been fantastic to work with. They are adaptive and results-driven. Their work has been outstanding and we've experienced awesome results using their systems. Milos is punctual, and a great communicator and I would recommend him and his team to anyone.”
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Seamless Communication

Lead Genetic team is just one message away. Whether you need a consult on a new campaign or help on how to go about closing that warm lead — we’re close by. Our sales team is always at reach making sure you get the attention and the advice when you need it the most.

,,Milos and his team have helped transform my video business. We saw results within the first month of working with the team at Lead Genetic. We have no doubt we will see more great results in the future. Thanks Lead Genetic!”
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What we do

Linkedin Lead Genetic
Get You More Clients via LinkedIn Outreach

Ever wonder what it takes to generate qualified leads on LinkedIn? It takes a lot of testing to find out what works. It takes a lot of personalization when reaching out to prospects. So far, we’ve sent over 30,000 messages for our clients on LinkedIn. Messages crafted by top-shelf copywriters who write response-boosting copies. So, you don’t have to start anything from scratch; leverage our time-tested methods to close more deals.

Email outreach - Lead Genetic
Get You More Clients via Cold Email Outreach

You got better things to do than to slave over email outreach. Let us do the heavy lifting and craft smooth-tongued emails that spawn replies. Turn your vision and your results into an compelling value proposition. From setting up and warming the domains, to identifying decision-makers and crafting copy that grabs eyeballs — you’re in the right place. We leverage innovative technology solutions to make sure every email sent is like a boomerang — returning the value to you.

Sales - Lead Genetic
Sales and Business Development

Let us help you grow your business sustainably by optimizing your sales process. Our strategies, including LinkedIn and email outreach, will empower your sales team to identify best practices and streamline operations. We’ll review your business model and suggest ways to improve your workflow, drawing on successful models from Fortune 500 companies. You are one call away from maximizing your long-term success.

Business - Lead Genetic
Help You Snipe On Your Ideal Customer

From the very first day, we narrow in on your ideal market. Your company has specific requirements, and we adapt to your needs to meet your sales goals. We don’t just sit on the sidelines waiting for you to solve everything. We are a partner who works on tightening the rope by finding new industries and decision-makers we can reach out to.

Customers - Lead Genetic
Your Personal Advisors

From the very first day, you’ll get an outreach strategy tailored to your business. There is no one size fits all solution, and every client of ours has our full attention. We don’t automate our process; we have a personalized approach with every client, spending enough hours on building your sales pipeline. Every campaign launched is improved in search for better results. Every single word we send in your name needs to carry its own weight. And every day you’ll get one step closer to closing deals without having to do much yourself.

Our team of experts

Milos Armus
CEO and Founder
Stevan Markovic
Head of Growth
Aleksandar Milic
Account Manager
Valentina Pendic
Sales Development Specialist
Aleksandar Nikolic
Sales Development Representative
Uros Rajkovic
Sales Development Representative
Ben Ashman
Sales Development Representative
Laura Allen
Sales Development Representative
Dalibor Petkovic
Antonio Avramovski
Sales Development Representative
Milos Armus - CEO and founder Stevan Markovic - Head of Growth Aleksandar Milic - Account Manager Valentina Pendic - Sales Development Specialist Aleksandar Nikolic - Sales development representative Uros Rajkovic - Sales development representative Ben Ashman - Sales development representative Laura Allen - Sales development representative Dalibor Petkovic - Copywriter Antonio Avramovski - Sales development representative

The man behind the plan. Milos is the Founder and CEO of Lead Genetic. His sales experience and tenure lead him to create Lead Genetic, a thriving agency set to help out anyone streamline their sales process.

If you want to scale your business sustainably, Stevan is your man. Our Head of Growth is there to facilitate success for both Lead Genetic and all of the clients that we work with.

When it comes to client relations, Aleksander takes this trophy home. His role as Account Manager has been crucial since day one and he still finds ways to outperform himself daily.

A true Sales Development Specialist, through and through. Valentina is responsible for creating and holding all of the sales processes for our clients and ultimately delivering stellar results.

Former Vice President for Finances of AIESEC in Nis has been one of the best new signings that we’ve managed to acquire over the summer. His knowledge makes him critical in the goal of landing new potential leads for all of our clients.

Two words that best describe Uros and his work ethic – sales veteran. His impeccable pedigree makes him an important member of the Lead Genetic team. With the experience in sales that he has, he can skyrocket your lead generation like never before.

One of our first international hires and the lead Sales Development Rep for our US and Canada operations. His specialties are LinkedIn and email lead generation making him one of the key players when it comes to our overseas expansion.

Our own sales wiz. Laura has been a part of our team for a while now and is responsible for crafting high response rate messaging sequences that we will be using to expand your business further than you’ve ever imagined.

Dalibor is an experienced copywriter who specializes in creating powerful messaging that drives results for our clients. With five years of experience under his belt, he excels at capturing the essence of a brand and connecting our clients with their prospects through effective copy.

Antonio is a valuable member of our team thanks to his sharp sales skills and commitment to every project. He is known for his tireless work ethic and ability to forge leads for our clients. His sales stamina is unparalleled, making him a true asset to the Lead Genetic team.